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Classification of igneous rocks PDF

Classification of igneous rocks PDF

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A classification of the phaneritic igneous rocks: Gabbroic rocks. After IUGS. Figure c. A classification of the phaneritic igneous rocks: Ultramafic rocks. below the surface. • Volcanic (extrusive) — cooled on the surface. Classification of Igneous Rocks. Defined by texture: • Fine-grained: extrusive or volcanic. 11 Jan Classification of igneous rocks is one of the most confusing aspects of Magmas , from which all igneous rocks are derived, are complex liquid.

These are; Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. further classified in terms of; chemistry, how the form and environment of formation. Classification of Igneous Rocks. Textures: Aphanitic- crystals too small to see by eye. Phaneritic- can see the constituent minerals. Fine grained-. Igneous Rock Classification. Igneous rocks: very diverse in chemistry and texture, yet they have very gradational boundaries (Table ). We must pick a rational.

Igneous rocks form whenever molten rock cools and minerals crystallize to produce Igneous rocks are classified according to their texture (coarse-grained vs. normative composition. Classification of igneous rocks. Gill (). Modal vs. normative compositions. Modal composition. = ‚real' proportions of minerals in vol . 18 Mar In the 60's and 70's the International Union of Geological. Sciences (IUGS) developed a system to standardize igneous rock classification. And finally, the reader is introduced to the concepts of igneous rock classification. Magma: Fundamentals. Magma may be thought of as a molten rock. Magma is. GLASSY. FELSIC. INTERMED MAFIC ULTRAMAFIC. IGNEOUS ROCK CLASSIFICATION. "HOT" PICTURES: All rock pictures are "hot." Click for enlargement.


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