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Dragonfly anatomy

Dragonfly anatomy

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A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, infraorder Anisoptera Adult dragonflies . Anatomy of a dragonfly. The thorax consists of three segments  Dragonfly (disambiguation) - Emperor (dragonfly) - Douglas Dragonfly - Damselfly. abdomen – The segmented tail-like section of the body. antennae – A pair of sensory organs on top of the head. cercus – The outer pair of anal appendages on. All odonates have the same basic body plan consisting of a head, thorax carrying three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings, and just-titanium.com of the head.

In male Dragonflies they are used to clasp the female around the head ( dragonflies) or the pronotum (damselflies) during mating and when in tandem. Dragonfly Anatomy. External Anatomy. Picture. Nodus: A point of strength and flexibility and an intersection for several large veins. Costa: A major vein running . Dragonflies are of the order Odonata (shared with their skinny relative, the damselfly) and the suborder Anisoptera. They are separated into 11 family.

The dragonfly is a flying insect that can hover in mid-air. It eats other insects, catching them while it is flying. There are many different species of dragonflies, and. To examine the stigma's anatomy, you have to know where to look. You can't find the stigma on an immature dragonfly, as the stigma is hidden. You will find an. Anatomy. Dragonfly anatomy. Immature dragonflies have six spindly legs, and a body that is only a few times longer than it is wide. 25 Apr A dragonfly is an insect and so has three main body segments and six legs. Other characteristics that set the dragonfly apart from other insects are to the Odonata Dragonflies and Damselflies · Habitas: Dragonfly Anatomy. Explore Irek Jania's board "Dragonfly Anatomy" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dragon flies, Dragonflies and Butterflies.


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